Shipping is an ongoing issue that  has always been a problem for me. 
Here I will try to explain why the costs are what they are and why I ship the way I do.
Back when Mom and I started we were able to ship any package via FedEx for $3 - any size! Wow! Don't I miss those days! Then that stopped and the shipping rates went up...and up ...and up. They just continue to creep up. When I get a shipping quote I have to remember to add in the fuel charge...and it goes up. Sadly, I can't control the prices...If I could I'd roll them back to $3 a package!

So why do I ship FedEx for the tableware and large orders? Because over the years I have tried them all...Post Office, UPS and FedEx. FedEx is the ONLY shipper that gets the pieces to you in one piece and on time. I pack the same for every order and when asked to ship through the Post Office it was in pieces. I tried a few more time thinking that stuff happens. Each time the order arrived damaged. And they have yet to honor a claim. UPS was really not much better and they took days longer to deliver the order. FedEx is fast and efficient, their tracking is the best.

It's also worth mentioning that when shipping, especially tableware it is fragile. I have to pack it to make sure even FedEx gets it to you without damages. This adds to the size and weight of the package.Not being a large website I am not able to offer free shipping or shipping discounts. Few realize the true cost of shipping. Please Note: On international order you are responsible for any and all customs fees.

My jewelry I happily send through the Post Office using the flat rate boxes. I can get several pieces in a box for the same price. And since I am less concerned with them being fragile they are the least expensive. So why don't I ship in padded envelops? None of my pieces are flat and can be damaged by machine and even hand stamping. I have put in way too much time making one of a kind pieces to drop the ball at this point! 

I also feel the need to mention that once an order is placed I can not combine the shipping with a previous order. This seems to happen a bit too often. I will be as flexible on the shipping as I can, but I will no longer take the time to unravel invoices. Once an order is placed the shipping stands. If you have an special issue on your order please feel free to contact me BEFORE you place the order and I will work with you as best I can.

I hope this helps!