Ceramic Facts & Features

♥  My pieces feature  delicate handmade flowers and leaves all handmade by me.
♥ Intricate lacework in dimensional glaze is painstakingly applied.
♥ Multiple coats of color glaze are carefully applied, then finished with two coats of 
gloss glaze. The over glaze is always carefully applied by brush, never dipped. 
♥ Food safe. Only non-toxic, lead free glazes are used.
♥ Please handle with care, the handmade flowers and leaves are fragile.
♥ Hand wash. Do not microwave. Care for your pieces as you would any fine piece of tableware.
♥ Variations are to be expected and are part of the charm of the handmade piece.
♥ If matching pieces are ordered I do my best to make patterns ...well... match. But sometimes I have to use a little artistic license.
♥ Colors may be different than they appear due to differences in computer monitors. 
♥ Glazes are not like paints and may have some color variations from piece to piece. And although I work hard to not have brushstrokes in my pieces it may happen. Glazes have limitations in color and coverage.
♥ Stilt marks can not be avoided. Stilts are used in the firing process and are 
mandatory. I try to keep these marks to a minimum and out of site and I will do my best to grind them down.

By placing your order you are agreeing that you understand these facts & features.