About WBS

Whimsical Bliss Studios was created when mom, Lou Hoddinott, and daughter, Cindy Hoddinott-Lester, wanted dishes and serving pieces that were fun and different. Finding only mass produced pieces of low quality, we struck out to create pieces all our own          

We love all things feminine and, well, whimsical. We love the look of lace and dots, and we enjoy finding ways to incorporate beads and rhinestones. If we can't find a glaze color we want we mix our own. We take the time to make flowers and leaves by hand as well.

We have often heard the comment that our pieces look good enough to eat, and we refer to the kiln as our "big easy-bake oven". As a result we have been dubbed "bakers of fine ceramic confections".

Each of our ceramic confections takes on average eight hours to paint as each color is applied four times by hand. The two step firing process totals over 14 hours to nearly 2000 degrees. The hand made flowers and leaves, and anything else that creates the look we want, are fused to the confection in the second firing process when the two coats of the diamond gloss glaze is applied, also by hand.

All of our ceramic confections are one-of-a-kind. and although we reproduce these pieces, no two are ever exactly alike as they are lovingly painted one at a time. Each confection is signed by either Lou or Cindy, and numbered.

Each ceramic confection is created with great care. You may order in the colors that match your home, at no extra charge. We can also add a personal inscription on most pieces, that make our ceramic confections very special gifts.

If you are looking for a special piece for your table top or a memorable gift of heirloom quality, we would take great pride in creating something just for you.

But Then......

On June 18, 2008, my mother, best friend and partner in this business, Lou Hoddinott, lost her battle with cancer. She fought bravely and courageously to the very end. She will always be my hero. I can only hope to be half the person she was.

For a while I suspended business, my heart was so broken I did not think I could do this with out her. However, through a series of events, that I am sure she had a hand in, I thought I'd try.

Mom always made the roses and I didn't learn because it never occurred to me she wouldn't be there. So I had to learn with my grandmother's help. (Please visit Romantic Homes for the complete story.)

Now I have carried on and every rose is a hug and a kiss to my Mom, who is my biggest inspiration. May she always guide my heart and my hands.

I hope you enjoy my Ceramic Confections.