Watercolor Pins

Cindy Lester

I have had such a good time discovering what I can do with my new Ceramic Confections....Bits of Whimsy Pins. I have played with all sorts of designs and pieces but for one I have a new found love. Way back in the beginning of the studio I played with watercolor effects, but soon forgot all about it as the years rolled on. A late night inspiration caused me to try it again on a few pins. I waited on pins and needles, anxious to see what would come out of the kiln. These first watercolor pins were everything I had hoped for and more. And they sold right away!

So stay tuned - another batch of pins is in the kiln now and as soon as I bead them I hope to have many more for you!

Check them out here:

Spring Watercolor Pin

Golden Watercolor Pin

Romance Watercolor and Roses Pin

Cool Watercolor and Rose Pin

Sunset Watercolor and Flowers Pin 

Pink and Blue Watercolor Pin


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